2019 VRA and Geohazard Updating in Bayog Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur [Progress Report]

By Ollyn Rey T. Balignot

The conduct of VRA and Geohazard Updating of MGB, R-IX Geosciences Division in the Municipality of Bayog commenced last March 18, 2019 as part of the target municipality in Zamboanga del Sur. Bayog Municipality is the 1st target area within the province of Zamboanga del Sur and the 2nd target for this year.

This VRA Activity intends to produce exposure maps with accompanying report to provide technical inputs to Local Government Units (LGUs) while the Updating of Geohazard Map will conduct a 1:10,000 Scale assessment and updating of the present Susceptibility Maps for Landslide and Flooding.

March 18, 2019Travel time and Courtesy Call with the LGU
March 19 – 23, 2019Nineteen (19) barangays and it’s purok centers of the twenty-eight (28) barangays of Bayog Municipality have been geo-tagged during the first week of the assessment.
Minor changes on the ratings for flood and landslide susceptibility on some barangays visited was done.
Portions of Barangays Conacon, Dagum, Camp Blessing, Kanipaan, Baking, Supon, Matun-og, Kahayagan, Balumbunan, Depase, Lamare, Damit, Salawagan, Depili, Dimalinao, Pulang Bato, Depore and Poblacion are prone to flooding especially along rivers, creeks and low-lying areas. While some portion of Barangay San Isidro and the visited barangays mentioned above except for Poblacion are under landslide prone.
Photo 1. Built-up area lined alongside the barangay road in Purok 6, Barangay San Isidro.

Photo 2. Aerial view of Purok 5, Balumbunan and its adjacent puroks.

Photo 3. Spillway in Purok 4, Lamare. According to anecdotal accounts, during extreme weather disturbances and flooding occurs, it took at least 2 hours to restore its normal water level.

Photo 4. Tension cracks were observed on the southeastern-most portion of Matago Elementary School in Barangay Depase. MGB personnel issued threat advisory to the concerned Barangay LGU.

Photo 5. Looking east. Purok 16, Poblacion. Sibuguey River, as the biggest river channel traversing the Municipality of Bayog and the main contributor of flooding.

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