Geologists of the MGB-IX attended the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Workshop on February 7-11, 2022 with the theme “Moving Towards Efficient and Strategic Implementation of MGB Geoscience Programs”. The training workshop was designed in such a way that all participants can join and interact rather than having parallel sessions for each major program. This enables the regional geologists to be aware of the progress of the major programs and general issues and concerns. It was organized by MGB- Central Office, Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD).

MGB Director Atty. Wilfredo G. Moncano delivered a keynote speech during the Opening Program highlighting that the training workshop is a venue of knowledge sharing and will focus on quality, efficiency, and timeliness in the conduct of the various geoscience programs. This was followed by the report on the accomplishments of the MGB Geoscience Programs for 2021 by the Chief of LGSD, Ms. Liza Socorro J. Manzano. Other updates were also given on the financial performance of the programs from 2019 to 2021 and updates and concerns on laboratory services and GIS management.

Two days were allotted in the discussion of the Quadrangle Mapping Program from Feb. 7-8, 2022, and the Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program from Feb.10-11, 2022. While 1-day is set-aside for the Groundwater Resource and Vulnerability Assessment Program and Mineral Reservation Program. The issues and concerns for each program and its possible solutions and recommendations are highlighted in session and workshop discussions. The establishment of the Technical Review Committee was likewise a major topic in two major programs (Quad mapping and Hydrogeology) to validate and evaluate the outputs for publishing. Issues on the geophysical equipment utilized in the conduct of various programs were also discussed if these are still functioning or will require replacements. Standardization of methodologies and other practices in frontline services were mostly tackled during the session of geohazard assessment.

The last workshop mainly focused on the process and standard practices of the Geohazard Operation Center. A presentation on “Establishing landslide early warning system using rainfall thresholds in the Province of Albay, Philippines” was given by a supervising geologist of R-V. The replication of this study and its applicability is still being discussed if other regions can implement the program. Prior to closing the weeklong training workshop, an overall presentation of workshop outputs and agreements were presented by the different section chiefs of LGSD MGB-CO and the ways forward for the Geoscience Programs by the Chief of LGSD.

MGB-IX was represented by Jessica N. Lucero, Chief Geologist, Supervising Geologists- Lawrence Zamoras, Paul Yecyec, El-Jedidiah Villacampa, Senior Geologists- Kris Alferez, Abbygail Soco, Ollyn Balignot, Geologist-II- Ian Demetillo, Luke Donggon (COS), GIS Specialist- Glen Gamelo.

2022 Geoscience Workshop: A.) Participating geologists of MGB-IX during the opening ceremony; B.) Chief Geologist of MGB-IX Geosciences Division-Jessica N. Lucero during a session of the workshop; C.) Chief Geologist and the 3 Supervising Geologists of MGB-IX actively participating in one of the workshops of the training.

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