2020 Geoscience Workshop Convenes MGB Geologists

By Paul Asthor D. Yecyec

MGB-IX participants of the Geoscience Workshop 2020.

MGB-IX geologists participated in the recently concluded 2020 Geoscience Workshop held at Brentwood Suites, Quezon City on February 10-14, 2020. This year’s workshop was organized by the Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau – Central Office (MGB-CO). Region IX was represented by Jessica Lucero, Geoscience Division Chief, Lawrence Zamoras, PhD-Supervising Geologist, Paul Yecyec-Supervising Geologist, El-Jeddidiah Villacampa-Supervising Geologist, and Kris Alferez-Senior Geologist.

The five-day training workshop deviated from the regular annual training format. Kevin Garas, the Steering Committee Head gave an overview of the Geoscience Workshop 2020 mechanics and activities. A plenary session was incorporated to discuss a comprehensive and overall accomplishment of LGSD sections in the region and a Technical Session on various programs undertaken by MGB geologists during their Master’s Program or during the conduct of MGB’s Major Programs. The remaining days were dedicated for parallel sessions of the major programs of MGB: Geohazards Program, Geologic Quadrangle Mapping Program, Groundwater Assessment Program, and Mineral Reservation Program.

Lawrence Zamoras, PhD presented a technical paper on the Geology of the Mid-Section of the Zamboanga Peninsula during the technical forum. This paper is a synthesis of the data gathered during the Quadrangle Mapping Program in the central section of the peninsula from 2018 up to recently. The program is headed by Dr. Zamoras and is assisted by Kris Alferez.

Technical Session – Lawrence Zamoras, Ph.D. during his presentation on the Geology of the Mid-Section of Zamboanga Peninsula.

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