MGB-9 eyes more Mineral Reservation in the Peninsula, Administers IEC, Public Hearing in 3 barangays of Kabasalan Municipality

By Paul Asthor D. Yecyec

Mines and Geosciences Bureau-RIX is looking at the Municipality of Kabasalan as the new Mineral Reservation (MinRes) area in the peninsula. As part of the requirements for its declaration, a public hearing and Intensive Education and Communication Campaign (IEC) was conducted in three barangays (Peñaranda, Lacnapan, Sanghanan) in the Municipality of Kabasalan holding the proposed MinRes site on January 24-26, 2018 respectively. The hearing was conducted at the public area (barangay hall) of each barangays and attended by more than 300 participants comprised of local residents, LGU representatives and local barangay officials, Sangguniang Bayan Members, IPs, civic and religious leaders and other interested parties.
Separate public hearing and IEC were conducted for each barangays to gain insights from the residents and for them to provide comments, opinions and sentiments on the planned reservation area. The hearing constitutes presentation on the following:

  • Overview of MGB
  • What is Mineral Reservation Program and its Primary Objective
  • The Proposed North Kabasalan Mineral Reservation

The MRP team was led by Supervising Geologist Lawrence Zamoras, PhD, Engr. Edgar Austero-Engr II from Mines Management Dept., Analiza Redillas-Senior Envi. Mgt. Specialist and Maria Virna Baguio- Senior Science Research Specialist. Also present as part of the technical team were Supervising Geologist Paul Yecyec, Kris Alferez-Geologist II, Information Officer Emma Deverala. Two administrative aide Jerry Ebol and Donald Cenabre were also on site to provide assistance to the team.

Welcome address of barangay chairman of each sites stressed greatly on listening carefully and to consider the pros and cons of establishing a Mineral Reservation in their area. Sentiments and questions related to the topic were gathered and documented which will be part of the consolidated report of the program.


The MRP team at Brgy. Peñaranda.

Ms. Maria Virna Baguio discussing the General Overview of Mineral Reservation Program and its primary objective during the public hearing and IEC at Brgy. Peñaranda, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay.

Photo A. Dr. Zamoras discussing the mineralization potential of North Kabasalan; Photo B. Engr. Edgar Austero answering questions related to small scale mining activities and its impact; Photo C. Info Officer Emma Deverala briefing the participants prior to the open forum; Photo D. The Brgy. Chairperson of Peñaranda giving her opening remarks; Photo E. Participants of the Public Hearing at the barangay hall of Brgy. Peñaranda.


Photo A. Brgy. Chairperson of Lacnapan during his opening remarks in the Public Hearing conducted on Jan. 25, 2018; Photo B. Engr. Edgar Austero answering questions from the municipal agriculturist during the open forum.; Photo C. Participants turn-out in Lacnapan is the highest among the three barangays; Photo D. Dr. Zamoras giving his discussion on the mineral potential of northern Kabasalan; Photo E. Participants signing the attendance sheet.


The Mineral Reservation Team together with some of the barangay officials during a photo-op in Brgy. Sanghanan Public Hearing.

Secretariat’s table during the registration of participants in Brgy. Sanghanan IEC and Public Hearing on Jan 26, 2018

Photo Right: Brgy. Chair of Sanghanan during her Opening Remarks. Photo Left: A Mining Engineer representing the civic movement of the church giving his insights on the impacts of mining activities whether small or large scale operation.

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