Ocular Inspection on the Tigbalabag-Vitali Road Section in Brgy. Tigbalabag, Zamboanga City

By Glen Ford Gamelo

The Geosciences Division personnel of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. IX conducted an ocular inspection last February 1, 2018 at the Tigbalabag-Vitali road section in Brgy. Tigbalabag regarding its ground stability. The activity was conducted in response to the letter request from Emedia Production Network, Inc. as part of their investigative report about the potential geologic hazard that threatens vehicles and people passing by the said road section.

The team headed by Abbygail B. Soco together with Glen Ford B. Gamelo and Benjamin L. Sanaani, accompanied by the crew of Emedia Production Network, Inc. conducted site inspection at Tigbalabag-Vitali Road section in Brgy. Tigbalabag, Zamboanga City. Ms. Soco was interviewed by the reporters of EmediaMo TV about the initial findings of the team on the said area. Based on the 1:10,000 scale geohazard map of Zamboanga City, the area is Highly Susceptible to landslide. She explained that the area is most likely susceptible to landslide based on its topography and lithology where the road cuts were steeply sloping consisting of moderate to highly weathered sedimentary rocks. Moreover, indications of mass movement were identified in the area including recent landslide activities, rock falls and a hollow basement of a road section.

(L) Recent landside identified beside Tibalabag-Vitali road section. (R) Hollow road basement was observed during ocular inspection on the said road section.

After the site inspection in the area, the team headed to the next site which is the diversion road in Sibulao-Tagasilay area. The EmediaMo TV crew asked Ms. Soco whether the area is susceptible to any geologic hazards. Ms. Soco explained that the area is classified under low susceptibility to landslide based on the geohazard map and actual site assessment. Nevertheless, low-lying areas and some sections near the drainage systems may experience inundation and may be classified under moderate to high susceptibility to flooding. Also, areas with steep sloping road cuts may experience landside but proper mitigating measures can help ensure stability in those sections.

(L) Ms. Abbygail Soco being interviewed by reporters of Emedia Production Network, Inc. EmediaMo TV regarding the road stability of Tibalabag-Vitali road section in Brgy. Tigbalabag, Zamboanga City and (R) the diversion road along Brgy. Sibulao-Tagasilay area, Zamboanga City (Right).

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